Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Computer Generated Imagery

I recently encountered an amazing video which was composed of nothing but CGI. The thing really impressed me. Beauty, subtlety, mystery, novelty, and impossibility danced gracefully on my computer screen. Did I mention that I was impressed?

I had some time to pause and pray while I waited to meet a parishioner outside of the courts this morning. As I gazed out the window and asked God for a favorable outcome in the upcoming court case snow softly fell from the gray skies. That's when it occurred to me. I was so impressed with what that one man had done in creating a ten minute video out of nothing but computer programs, but, where did that man get that ability? Could he have done any of that without Divine assistance. Would that derivative beauty be there for me to appreciate if it weren't for the work of the Source of all beauty?

I don't mean to diminish the accomplishment of the man who made The Third & The Seventh. He must have put in incredible amounts of time and energy to make that short film. His is no small accomplishment. My point is that we ought to stand in awe at what the Lord has done. All things were made by him (John 1). All of the beauty we have ever seen finds its ultimate source in the Self-existent One. How can we do anything less than highly acclaim both Him and His work? Praise God from whom all blessings flow!