Friday, January 8, 2010

Two Sides of Sanctification

Sanctification has two aspects to it - a "yes" and a "no". The "no" side is separation from all that is sinful. The "yes" side is our separation unto God. These are really two sides to one thing - sanctification. Here's the rub. Do I want the focus for my life to be the positive or the negative aspect of this beautiful thing called sanctification?

Much of my religious background tells me to focus on what NOT to do. There may be disagreement amongst Christians about which things we must NOT do, however, we all agree that there are indeed acts that are forbidden by God. These don'ts are crucial. Yet, I think they are less crucial than the many acts that we are called to DO.

Jesus taught us that the two greatest commandments are to love God and love our neighbors. There are certainly things that love does not do. But, love is not primarily about what one does not do. Love is action.

I'm accepting the challenge to search the Scriptures for the things I am to DO. The next step is to be a doer of the word. Generosity, kindness, humility, chastity, honesty, forgiveness, diligence, sacrifice...