Friday, December 31, 2010

Do you really understand what it means to say no to God?

When a person rejects the God of the Bible, they are rejecting all that is good. The Bible teaches that God is light and love. God defines and will ultimately enforce justice. God is the source and supreme example of love. The affection and mother naturally feels toward her child comes from God. Romantic love was invented by God. Not only did God create everything that is good in the world, he also sustains all good things. Without God there is no love, no true, no beauty, no justice, no freedom, and no life. The person who rejects God rejects justice, family, friends, beauty, truth, and hope. Whether we realize it or not, we are faced with a choice. We will either believe and love the God of the Bible or, in rejecting him, reject every relationship we have ever had. God is a friend to all. He sent his son to die for sinners, his enemies. God is for us. In becoming his enemy we become the enemy of all humanity. Those who say no to God are left alone with their tormented selves eternally. I plead with you, choose God.