Friday, February 24, 2012

Beyond Unselfishness

Moderate desires.
A quiet life.

Our Lord asks more than this. Look at the Christ. There's the price. We all have more to give.

In the garden the human race fell to selfish sin. The fix for this to some might seem mere unselfishness. Unselfishness? Is that the cost? Is that what Jesus did? I must insist, it was much more. It was much more than this.

In the garden the human race resisted selfish sin. What was it that drove the Son to say "thy will be done"? Was it mere unselfishness? No. For sure it was much more. It was love's obedience. The Father loved. The Son obeyed. Thus our lives were purchased.

Now Jesus speaks to us today, "Come and follow me." Thanks to him, death, hell, and grave are swallowed in victory. But what will it mean, where will it lead if we keep on following?

Love's call is to more than neutral selflessness. A cross awaits -- a suffering for and with.