Thursday, August 1, 2013

The Victory of Defeat

Everyone here is at war from the beginning. From childhood we fight against our common enemy. He’s stronger than us, but still we fight. We don’t know him, but still we count him an enemy. After all, everybody knows what he’s out to do. He wants to control our lives. He wants to rule over us all. And so we all participate in the great rebellion. Well…almost all of us.

Some of us end up giving in. A few of us meet the Enemy and experience a crushing defeat. When confronted by his power we find ourselves broken. The few who have met the Enemy and been defeated by him discover something quite strange. The defeat is unique – it’s actually a victory.

When we learn that we’re on the wrong side of the great and ongoing cosmic conflict, laying down our weapons, we gain a Friend who sticks closer than a brother. We find that the One we were rebelling against actually deserves to be king. He’s the only ruler fit to govern the universe.

I’m glad to have lost this battle. This is one defeat I can rejoice about. I welcome him to rule over me and my family. Will you surrender too?